Kish Pride




Success begins with one gift from one person. You have the power! Become a member of the team behind the teams at Kishwaukee College.

     As a Kish Pride member, you play a very important role in building and sustaining the nationally competitive  athletic programs at Kishwaukee College. By joining the Kish Pride you are not only helping a student-athlete obtain an exceptional college education and athletic experience, you are joining with many others in a commitment to athletic excellence. Whatever the level, your gift to the Kish Pride Athletic Booster Club will support young people who compete out of a true love of their sport and, along the way, develop friendships and skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Thank you for assisting our student-athletes!

Membership Levels:

  • $25-49  NJCAA Tournament
  • $50 Sweet Sixteen
  • $100 Elite Eight
  • $250 Final Four*
  • $500 National Champion*

* Membership at this level will include 2 season passes for 1 sport