Champions Club







              Our mission is simple. Together, we will create champions in the classroom, champions in community and champions in competition.  Over a thousand athletes have already been through our programs and made a huge impact on our mission. Continued growth will make a real difference in all that we are trying to accomplish.

Vision Statement

The KC Champions Club fosters connections, inspires generosity, and advances the development of the Department of Athletics at Kishwaukee College.

Making an Impact

             Each year the funds raised from the Champions Club will be earmarked for a particular need that as a former or current athlete you can immediately see the impact of your gift. Along with each yearly membership drive will be a crowd-funding campaign to help ensure all of our goals are met. Some examples of some possible campaign targets would be items such as; industrial washers and dryers for all athletic teams, weight  room/training room enhancements, locker room renovations, additional outdoor facilities (bathrooms, etc.)

Help us make Champions for years to come!

All current and former players and coaches are able to join for just a yearly fee of $20...Jump on board and give here!